TV reporter groped during live news report, man arrested (video)

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His head grab/pat was so patronizing and dehumanizing.
Utter piece of trash. He really effed up doing this after the world cup kiss incident sexual assault.

Props to the host, Nacho Abad, for calling it out and empowering Balado to do something about it instead of continuing as if she wasn’t just assaulted.


That reporter at the desk deserves credit for immediately calling it out, despite her trying to essentially shake it off and move on.

Him “Isa, excuse me, excuse me for interrupting, and this sounds bad, but did that man just touch your butt (my language choice)?”

Her, very embarrassed, “…Yes”

“It’s just I cannot understand that. Can you put him on? Put on that stupid uncle (local colloquialism for ‘fool’), put on the stupid uncle please.”

There’s zero reason to do that and zero reason to tolerate it. She obviously has had it happen before and was willing to ignore it and move on which is terrible, but the anchor wasn’t having it. Cuatro, the channel airing the report appears to be the second biggest main TV channel, which means that’s a big audience…probably equivalent to Telemundo in the US which commands a healthy 1-3 million viewers at any given time daily.


Unbelievable… did he think he was being funny/cool??! The idiot deserves every moment of humiliation and punishment he will receive in his lizard brain. Awesome, as others have said, the host had the presence of mind to call it out when she clearly would have just let it go (and been deeply humiliated).


One of those godawful “manosphere” haircuts, too. :roll_eyes:


Effing asshole must be a soccer fan.


On top of all the other shitty behavior in the original clip, the perp tried to gaslight the anchor when she called him out, claiming that he didn’t touch her ass.


You lying fuckhead, there was a camera right there filming it!

You can even see him look down at her ass, right before grabbing it.


Glad he was caught!

Also, separate note,I fully endorse calling it “Xitter”. Pronounce it how you feel it should be!


Just a sec, I gotta hit the Xitter


Exactly. I’m sure he knows exactly how invasive and dehumanizing this is, but is certainly of the belief that he can sexually assault women “as a joke.” Perhaps I haven’t been paying attention, but I feel like I hear very little discussion of “rape culture” anymore. Was the online bullying campaign by the “Concerned Citizens for the Vaguest Possibility of Misandry” ultimately successful?

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Wow, Spain’s really coming down hard on that kinda behavior. Good.

The pat on the ass was blatant sexual assault, but that grab at her head was, wow. Icing on the cake I guess, but so… belittling. It’s something people do to children, or dogs.

Oh you yappy little woman, you’re just cute! Who could resist touching you?!

Ugh. :nauseated_face: :weary:

So good though to see this kind of misogyny getting called out, and the perps getting arrested and charged.


Yes, he absolutely did. They go back to her after a little and the creep is standing about 50 feet away and she calls him back over and confronts him again (the second video). He’s grinning the whole time. She mentions that the guy is just grabbing at any women who pass.

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