Watch tennis pro Pablo Cuevas' impressive 'tweener' shot

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He’s obviously been taking lessons from Mansour Bahrami


That was great and the smile on that kids face is worth millions. Mr. Cuevas opened up ideas in that young fans mind that will serve the kid well. Good Shot! Good Show!

Gives “whacking off” a whole new meaning!

ba dum dum tssh


That was a pretty incredible shot. You see these from time to time, but they’re usually kind of sloppy. That one was well-hit and perfectly placed.

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I approve of the gamesmanship, given that he tried this against the current world #1 player.

I hope he took it to its logical conclusion and, at the end of the match (which he lost), congratulated Nadal on a good effort and assured him that he’d be a great player someday.

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He’s quite a tennist.

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Perhaps “tennor”?

Or tenneer?

OK, “tennier” (pronounced “ten-yay”) xD …

These are all gold, and must be adopted interchangeably by international tennis, at once.

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