Watch the CBS broadcast of the moon landing, old school commercials and all

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Bit of an Easter egg: Catch pre-Love Story Ali MacGraw doing the International Paper commercial in a paper bikini!

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Been there, Did that.

I went to see CNN’s Apollo 11 film in theaters and it was a bit frustrating that they offered no explanation for the flashing red alarms that occurred during the landing. But then, that really wasn’t the point of the film. I suppose the actual broadcasts didn’t fare any better?


And once you know what 1201/1202 alarms are, you might like this annotated film of the descent:

I remember watching live. I didn’t know what 1201/1202 alarms were.

But then, neither did Neil or Buzz. :astonished::joy:


The BBC podcast 13 minutes to the moon does a great job of explaining them and everything going on in the 13 minute powered descent

There’s a great article in the most recent issue of Wired about the 1202 alarm. It’s long and technical but extremely interesting.

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