Watch the epic silent film The Ten Commandments (1923)

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Nothing says “Children of Israel” quite like the retelling of the Passover story by the… uh… McTavishes?

I prefer the Cecil B. DeMille version with John Wayne as a Roman Centurion,. "“Truly, he wuz, the Son O 'God.”

Twas The Greatest Story Ever Told directed by George Stevens which featured the Duke.

Producer and director George Stevens did many takes of John Wayne’s single line, “Truly, this man was the Son of God.” A rumor has long persisted that at one stage, Stevens pled with Wayne to show more emotion, an overwhelming sense of awe. During the next take, Wayne changed the line to, “Aw, truly this man was the Son of God.”


Moses, Ten Commandments - History of the World Part 1, Mel Brooks optimized


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