Watch the first car chase scene in a movie


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Interesting the way the seat tilts to get to the back seat. Also driver is on the right hand side so presumably not set in the US? (maybe UK or Canada)


Drivers side was still whatever the manufacturer wanted in 1903 but yes it is a British film per IMDB. Canada is left hand drive like the USA.


Thanks for the info, however at the time Canada was the same as the UK and switched to left hand drive in 1921.


TIL. (I also learned I still can’t figure out the stupid &nbsp trick to make this less than ‘9’ characters)


Speaking of left side driving, Czechoslovakia had it, until the Nazis took over and made it right side, which afftected my grandfather who drove an ox-cart for the brewery. You could say it was a self driving vehicle too as they loaded up the barrels and supplied the pubs in the villages around the town - they all stopped at the right places (whether delivery was needed. But the day of the switch, it became problematic when they got into town and had to go the other way in the traffic circle. The German soldier controlling traffic yelled at grandfather to get them out of there but the oxen were too strong and stubborn. He tossed the reins to the soldier and along with some obscenities walked away from the job. (The local clydesdale was able to relearn but not the oxen).


ampersandshysemicolon works


  That was the bit I have been missing. Thanks.


@ 1:21…lay off the beans!


Also…Speed in 1903. The bus blows up if its speed falls below 5 mph. Nobody dies because they all hopped off during the trip.


“Very few dogs were run over in the making of this film.”


This reminds me: I’m looking forward to future self-driving car chase scenes. They won’t be like current chase scenes, but there will still be ways of creating tension without the cars having been hacked to be under manual control.



Would of been so much better if “Yakety Sax” was the background music.


The Biograph Studio in 1903 was in Manhattan so I would guess it was filmed somewhere thereabouts.


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