Watch the lovely trailer for Soul, the new film from Pixar

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Does nobody know how to make a trailer nowadays? Tease, don’t tell tell most of the story. Tease.


This already looks more inventive and exciting than Onward, which reviews suggest is a bit of a disappointment.


I hope the world doesn’t run out of kleenex before this is on DVD. Pixar always leaves me a blubbering mess. HEY I’m A SENSITIVE GUY!


So, every time Disney does an animated movie with a black lead, they sure as hell make sure that the character spends most of the runtime not actually being a black person in a black body, huh?

Ever watch the original trailers offered as extras on 40s/50s film-noir DVDs? Those trailers give away everything!

Seriously? This is what you’re complaining about?

Yes, yes they are. POC erasure and particularly black and native erasure is real.

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I’m presuming it is set to release on June 19th to correspond with Juneteenth the holiday commemorating when the abolition of slavery was announced in Texas in 1856.


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