Watch The National's beautiful cover of The Grateful Dead's "Morning Dew"

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Full album line-up here:

Great tune! Supposedly it’s about the Apocalypse.

Brutal that he stayed in that low singing range the whole time. Totally missing the release crescendo, to me at least. Still though, great choice of covers.

No offence to The National or to Deadheads but isn’t the best ever version of Morning Dew by Tim Rose?

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That’s what Matt Berninger does, he’s a baritone. Personally I don’t think this cover does either band justice. Besides, it’s not like any of the Dead’s singers were known for bravura vocal performances – Deadhead or not, you must admit they all sounded like someone halfheartedly singing along to a not-entirely-familiar tune.

No offense to The National or to Deadheads or Tim Rose but Rod Stewart nails it on Jeff Beck’s “Truth” album from 1968:

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