Watch the new trailer for Ms. Marvel's comic book return, co-written by MCU actress Iman Vellani

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Two months isn’t a very long time to stay dead even by comic book superhero standards. Even Superman was dead for the better part of a year.


I’m a big Ms. Marvel fan, and I didn’t see her death that way. Frankly, it’s pretty obvious to anyone aware of the whole issue with Disney/Marvel reacquiring the film and tv rights to the X-Men that the sole purpose of her death was to provide a plausible in-universe reason for her to now be a mutant. They probably could have done that without killing her, but at this point, killing and resurrecting superheroes seems to be a mainstay of superhero tropes, so now Kamala Khan is a part of the club that includes Superman. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading this.


Yeah, that was all pretty clear to me as soon as it happened … but I also totally understood why some people were upset about it, and was surprised that no one at Marvel stopped to think “Hey maybe this will rub some folks the wrong way, what if we at least killed her off in her own title or something.”

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Yeah that would have definitely been preferable.

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And Robin and the Flash and Green Lantern and Batman and Jean Grey and Professor Xavier and Supergirl and Bucky Barnes and Green Arrow and Wonder Woman and…


New culture war issue!

“When will Marvel and DC end the revolving death’s door that puts previously killed metahumans back on the street?”

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I can’t really think of any major DC/Marvel superhero who hasn’t spent some time dead.

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“…many fans were still understandably irritated that a new-ish female character who is both a Muslim and a person of color would be so abruptly murdered in another character’s comic book.”

I don’t know if I would call a character that first appeared in 2013 “new-ish”

Ire at killing of a popular, Muslim, female, person-of-colour? That I can understand.

I haven’t been the most consistent reader of the comics, but I have to wonder if Iceman has ever died. I’m not sure he can die at this point.

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Compared to most Marvel or DC characters who have their own titles 10 years is absolutely new-ish.

What is the typical run of comics for a cartoon character with their own comic? I’m sure superman and batman are six or so standard deviations above the mean, but there’s probably Toothpaste man or Celery girl out there who only lasted three or four comics.

I suppose someone out there has crunched the numbers.

Given that, in current continuity, NO mutants that have a backup [1] can die a permanent death. even above and beyond the usual revolving door in Marvel Heaven.

To quote Red Dwarf " Death isn’t the handicap it used to be in the olden days, it doesn’t screw your career up like it used to!"

[1] cf Magneto, although I am 100% certain he’ll return. He’s been dead before, after all.

There was already a panel of him, alive, about a month after this “100% irreversible death”.

With his current powerset and upgrade to Omega or whatever the top is, he’s allegedly unkillable since he can just make new bodies and transfer his consciousness.

Not sure who came up with the idea, but this whole constant resurrections thing is quite possibly their worst idea ever. It makes everything a no stakes contest - they know they can just save-scum anything and sometimes do. They also change the logic and timing of the work (done by 5 mutants in concert) constantly as some of the writers realize they’ve made X-Men into basically a political intrigue novel.

The old saying was “everyone dies and comes back except Uncle Ben and Bucky.” Of course, Bucky was revived in a really good way as the Winter Soldier a decade+ ago and Uncle Ben pops up from time to time in alternate dimensions.

That or editorial decree. It felt ham-handed and forced, putting her there when there wasn’t a really good reason why. Also, in the past, mutant and inhuman we incompatible which was played out heavily with Quicksilver trying to use the inhuman mists to get his powers back and it going badly. Not like comics keep internal logic though. I don’t see why they couldn’t have had Reed and/or Xavier simply figure out she’s a mutant without bumping her off. That just reads “marketing guy had a neat idea” to me.

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Yeah, but I was talking about the real world issues that caused Marvel to push Inhumans heavily around the time Kamala Khan was introduced, and the more recent elimination of those issues, which is now causing Marvel to essentially abandon Inhumans in favor of the much more popular X-Men. But Ms. Marvel is also popular, thus the impetus to make her a mutant. Add in the complete flop that the Marvel Television show Inhumans was, which drove Marvel to make the MCU version of Ms. Marvel a mutant to begin with, and you have a guaranteed, real world reason for Marvel to remake Ms. Marvel as a mutant. Did they have to kill her to do that? Again, no. Was it ham handed? It’s comics, so yes. I don’t think they really care. They just wanted to get her rebranded as a mutant and an X-Man and not waste a lot of time doing it, so this is what they did. It wouldn’t have been my choice, but I get it.


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