Marvel Comics sparks outrage with latest high-profile character death in Amazing Spider-Man

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I have to assume this will last as long as Dr. Strange (~2 months, less if you count he was back in disguise in under a month and a “temporally displaced” copy of him (makes sense in story) helped solve his death so he was there or the Scarlet Witch who I’m still not completely sure how she came back but was simply not dead after a a few months and some confusing comics.

Ms. Marvel is pretty popular right now, plus the movie presence as mentioned. Spider-Man’s comic lately is all over the place. I’m guessing they are trying to find a direction and so are trying everything. In the comic, besides Norman being good for reasons no one wants to try to explain here, we also have Mary Jane with a family, which were first her kids and now are kids she found while trapped in a place where time runs differently, and all of this was implied as happening because of something terrible Spidey did but it turns out she literally pushed him through a time portal. Oh, and she has powers now because of that.

Yay comics.

Edit - oh yeah, just remember that in the X-men series, Magneto recently died. It was both high profile (for the comic, most normal people didn’t know) and oddly, made sense in story…mostly to set up the Sinister event. And now that that’s over, last week, a live Magneto showed up. He specifically couldn’t be resurrected per the normal X-Men controls too. So…yeah, the old revolving door of comic book death.


There’s time and opportunity to reverse this stupid, tone-deaf decision but the kind of Peter (Parker?) Principle managers who make these decisions aren’t inclined to take what second chances are offered them.


In comics, there’s dead, and then there’s Uncle Ben dead. The first one is almost never permanent. The second one is, but is usually reserved for background characters, as in characters who are part of some hero’s background story. And even Uncle Ben came back in an alternate universe. I think he was even Spider-Man in one alternate universe. I’m not particularly concerned about this, and I’m a big Ms Marvel fan. I suspect this is part of a plan to resurrect her as a mutant in some way. Or it will turn out she was always a mutant and has Wolverine-esque healing powers and wasn’t actually dead at all, just in some sort of healing stasis. She’s a popular character whose comics have sold relatively well and who is likely a big part of the MCU’s future. She’s not staying dead.


Her dying in someone else’s book when it’s not even an epic crossover pretty much guarantees this isn’t a major and permanent death.


It is just as well that Kamala Khan is just one of Marvel’s many, many high profile Muslim Superheroes. :thinking:


Why should there be outrage over a charakter that almost noone has ever heard of?

Who is this noone of which you speak?

Could it be the arch-nemesis of Ms. Marvel?
The widely-known and highly-regarded Kamala Khan?

(and is it actually pronounced noon?)


They made a TV series about her and she’s popular in the comics. I wouldn’t say no one has heard of her. But I’m with the people saying a she won’t stay dead. This is just a publicity stunt and from the several articles I’ve seen going around social media, I’d say they are getting the publicity they wanted. I’m sure a lot more people will be checking out her comics this month than just the standard regular readers.


C’mon, isn’t obvious that she’s just pining for the fjords?


i agree with all that while also thinking it’s still a bit crass on their part for all the reasons that thom mentioned. it seems like they’re trying to create not just shock, but a little outrage, and that’s … annoying to say the least.

( eta: not to mention unoriginal. they wanted to get people talking about ms. marvel, and this was the best they could come up with? i’d classify it as both rude and lazy )


Oh yeah I’d agree with that.


I think he was the singer for Herman’s Hermits. I didn’t know he was a Marvel villain as well though.


He was, he was.

Alas, in the Marvel Universe, he was also known as “Peter the Dark”,
second cousin to “Thanos the fairly-good bassist”.


This seems like a tone-deaf bit of timing on the part of Marvel, but Zeb Wells is generally a pretty darn good writer, so I trust that this is part of a meaningful plot arc that will of course end with her back soon. Definitely more Magneto dead than Candy Southern dead.


I thought that Thanos was on percussion?


Well, sure you’ve never heard of her, if you stopped reading spiderman in 1973…

He probably means “teen girls like her, so no one IMPORTANT has heard of her…” :roll_eyes:


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