Here’s how many people each Marvel character has killed

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No Galactus…?


This is idiotic. Several of these characters have killed more than this many in single books alone. Wolverine shreds grunt bad guys constantly. Mr. Sinister released the Legacy virus. Magneto has clashed directly and lethally with the Russian army several times, including when he sank the Leningrad, a nuclear submarine full of sailors. Bullseye is literally a career assassin. The Punisher’s entire deal is that he murders criminals, and he does so in virtually every book he appears in.

If you’re not going to factor in the deaths of non-major characters your entire “lethality” measure becomes bullshit.


Of course it’s bullshit. It’s likely little more than the usual “produce some quick & colourful infographic that will get shared and hopefully lead people back to our commercial website” tactic.

All you need to do to dismiss it as poorly research clickbait is read the names under Jonathan “Johnny” Storm: Mr. Immortal, Anthony Sardo, Butcher.

Fantastic Four fans can be forgiven if they look at them and go “Who the hell are these people?” That’s because Sardo is from Marvel Comics #1, and Butcher is from Young Men #24 — both books that pre-date the creation of Fantastic Four and feature the original, android Human Torch.

Then, if you ignore the lunacy of including Mr. Immortal — a joke character whose sole point is that he gets killed constantly, sometimes by his own choice — in the list and check when the Human Torch killed him, you’ll find that that too is the android Human Torch. (I expect the 3 unnamed deaths are also the wrong character.)

And at that point it’s safe to stop reading and dismiss the rest of the list.


Didn’t Thanos kill half the entire universe? They got better…

I’m just interested in how many “good guys” and neutrals Iron Man has apparently killed… what’s up with that?

So… who’s been killed most often, then?

That’s an easy one.

It really shouldn’t count as a kill if the victim doesn’t stay dead.

Or if they were already dead. (I’m looking at you, zombie Harry S. Truman.)

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Namor blew up an Earth and helped in the murder of who-knows-how-many others. I don’t understand the point of this graphic.

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Jean Grey destroyed a populated planet. Galactus has destroyed… many.

The alternate Earth he blew up isn’t counted because it’s not listed on, and skimming the “Killed by <Character>” category pages on that site appears to represent the entirety of the research that went into this.

(The point of this graphic is advertising. And it worked, seeing as the article links back to them. I’d wager that producing the infographic cost less than buying an ad on a site with comparable traffic to Boing Boing would have, and an ad wouldn’t have received such visible placement.)

I’m not even much of comic fan, and I could tell this was complete BS.

I was expecting dangerous -> deadly -> ELITE

A reference to the old video game elite

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