Watch the new trailer for Netflix's upcoming "Locke & Key" adaptation

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“Your husband has been reading comic books on his iPad and not talking to anyone and now his crying. Are you sure this was a good choice?”

I think she was asking if marrying you was a good choice. But we’ll leave that up to your wife, who (if she’s like mine) probably thinks it was an excellent choice.

Never heard of this series, but now you have me totally intrigued. I’ll have to check out the books before the show drops.


I’m cautiously optimistic about this. I love the comics too, but the material is raw emotionally. You’ve got a lot of kids getting very screwed up (or dead) from Stephen King-esque shitty villians or straight up Lovecraftian horrors, and Netflix has a nasty habit of pulling the plug on anything that isn’t an outright hit after two seasons. With all the heavy visuals and big cast such a venture will take, this thing can’t just be a hit, it has to be a mega-hit to make it all the way to the end.

That being said, “Locke & Key” does have an end already written (yeah, I’m looking at you, George), and it is a good one. So I’m hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.


This is my expectation.

I still plan on watching


See also, The Magicians.


That is actually a pretty good change in name while keeping an iconic horror writer as the namesake.


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