Watch: The Yes Men's short documentary on the NRA's murder-happy nature


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It’s high time for this rotten right-wing corporate lobbying organisation to be tossed on the ash heap of history. Rank-and-file ammosexuals with unhealthy attachments to their weapons can do better than support or play the apologist for the NRA.


Amen brother!



The NRA/Religious Right have just unveiled the newly approved & updated GOP platform:


That movie is amazing.


For certain definitions of amazing.

ETA I really need to watch that again… it has been 20+ years and it was a midnight movie on the local PBS station.




Damn, they’re well-funded and professional!


I’ve watched it through a few times now. It’s totally off the walls but I have to say Zardoz is something special.

Some films become infamous because the production was clearly plagued by problems, such as the films of Ed Wood. Lack of budget, bad acting, confusing editing, script problems, unconvincing action sequences or effects, too much meddling from studio heads, etc. But with Zardoz I got the distinct impression that writer/producer/director John Boorman really did get to make the movie he set out to make from day one. It was a batshit crazy story, but it actually had a logically consistent narrative and was exactly the story Boorman set out to tell.


Zardoz: the only film to successfully prove that with a mountain of cocaine, anything is possible!


I love Zardoz (and looooved the Rick and Morty episode that references it). It sure doesn’t take itself very seriously.

However, Zardoz has some pretty intense metaphysical subtexts going on that I don’t think most viewers will ever be aware of. It’s exceptionally Gnostic, in the way The Matrix trilogy is very Gnostic (and so many other great works of art). So if someone understands this aspect of the film, it’s even better than just liking it for its zany outer-layer.


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