Watch these joyful dogs run up a tree and leap off it

used to have a neighbour with a Mastif who would climb the tree in his front yard. Sometimes to chase a stick, sometimes just to go up there and sit. Nice dog, smart. Once, because he did me a solid, I bought him a kolbasa (with the owners permission ). Went over to his tree and tossed pieces of it up to him. surreal


I think the most parsimonious and reasonable explanation is that this breed can produce local gravitational anomalies by sheer force of enthusiasm.

It’s vastly more believable than them pulling this sort of thing off at 1G.




I had a German Shepherd who likes to climb, and ended up on the roof of my parents’ house when I was visiting for Christmas one year.

Also, the video is sheer joy to watch, but with every landing I shudder a little, hoping that this isn’t the landing where one of them blows a cruciate…


I believe you mean barkour.


I had a dog that could get what I used to think was an impressive way up a tree in quest of a bird or a squirrel, but she was an amateur compared to these two.


that dog has more confidence on a ladder than i do

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I was just thinking that also. They obviously enjoy doing this but it would be so easy for them to wind up crippled.

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They’re pretty remarkable dogs, that’s for sure.

Right now I have an Aussie mix that understands a lot of plain language. It’s great because we’re not very consistent trainers, but he just gets what we mean and he’s happy to go along. He is also the king of taking it easy, unlike a lot of Aussie-like breeds.

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looks like it might be up there twice too. owner messing with their heads and they ok with it lol

And that is not the dismount that I usually employ.


I really enjoyed Nick Nolte and the character he played, you sensed peacefulness from him, his voice was perfect for the part.

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That is a step away from abuse. Impressive, but not cool

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I certainly wouldn’t do it with any of my dogs!

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