Watch these two guys in Japan remove a great deal of snow from a roof


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Sigh Now to clear the driveway… :sweat:

That is at least twice as much snow as I have ever seen in person.


I guess they knew what they were doing, but I’d have been uncomfortable doing that without being tied off. Avalanches are big and scary…


How on earth did the roof support all that weight? Wow!


Sorry about your unfortunate negative association. That is just beautiful snow!!


The high-speed sounds remind me of the mouse video from the other day…

Dropping those huge piles of snow off the roof almost looks like fun! Well, at first…


that’s what i was thinking, too! that is a REALLY strong roof! what gorgeous snow!

second thought: the first guy up did most of the work.

third thought: i want one of those shovel things.

fourth thought: they must’ve been super fast, because i watched it at 1.5 speed, and the shadows of the trees barely move.


Oh man, I’d be terrified of slipping and sliding right off the roof. I know isn’t as slippery as ice, but still!


I’m teaching myself kanji through a program called wanikani (just made it to level 10), and I memorized the word by associating snow with “yucky.”

This is why I never left Miyazaki-ken while I was there. Mind you, instead of snow I got volcanic ash.

Worth it.


Superior Japanese wood working and timber framing techniques, probably learned centuries ago from structures that couldn’t withstand that load! =)

  1. That seems unsafe, in so many ways.
  2. They might want to think about pitching the roof a tad more.
  3. This is why skiing in Nagano is amazing.


They’ve done this before, I can tell.


Dear Japan, roof rakes are a thing.


It’s a bit like cubing tofu. For a while.


You mean like traditional Japanese gassho-zukuri?




Looks like there is at least a potential for a soft landing. As others have said above, I’d still tie in for that.


I’m guessing yuki-oroshi means “big damn snow shovel?”


Goddammit, I came here for catharsis. Now I just feel tired.


I have a similar one. I assure you, it’s freaking awesome.

I have done the same with it, clearing a roof. It was probably twice the size of the one they cleared, though less snow, and it took 2 of us about an hour. We spent more time fooling around not wanting to get on the roof than actually clearing it.

The more common scenario is regular shoveling, the walk, the driveway, the plow berms. You push it up into a pile, and just keep sliding up your ramp. And then your kid comes out and sleds on it. It’s awesome. And clearing a plow berm with it is easier than with anything short of another plow. Just slice off a chunk and push it out of the way, repeat as necessary.