Watch this amazing rescue: Dutch cargo ship dramatically abandoned

It’s possible that 1) the ship’s worsening list (in combination with the heavy seas) was deemed an unsafe condition for somehow getting the small vessel successfully into the water; 2) the heavy seas were deemed unsafe for the small vessel even if successfully launched; 3) the small vessel was unfueled; 4) there was no time to do all that needed to be done to get the small vessel safely into the water; 5) with others still onboard working to keep the cargo ship from listing toward capsizing, there may not have been enough crewmen to launch the small vessel; and 6) the small vessel was unseaworthy when taken aboard.


…or they just couldn’t find the keys. :grin:


Look! I found the keys! (Seagull grabs it; Oh… nice shiny.)


Apparently there is still hope to salvage the main ship, but some of the cargo is gone: Rescue Underway for Abandoned Yacht Transport Ship Adrift Off Norway – gCaptain


I mean, not any ship is suitable in the open ocean*, or would have the fuel/capability to get anywhere useful if it was somehow practical to get it off the deck of the cargo ship. Better to just write it off.

*this was in open ocean right?

But if only they had a cameraperson, and the ability to jump freely 5 stories or so off the port sea (if they didn’t like how it went, those corvettes having no particular adaptation or propellers,) they’d have had three takes at it! Or one recursive-mode soft launch! Insurance by Diesel, XXX, Rousey & Cohn in case anything offscreen isn’t ideal.

Dutch cargo ship dramatically abandoned

Okay we’ll do one more take and this time…abandon it like you mean it


Looks like a few ships are there to help.


This has a surprising result:

– the EEMSLIFT HENDRIKA became more stable, because a large load above its center of gravity is gone

– current videos of EEMSLIFT HENDRIKA show rotating radar antennas. So situation can’t be that bad, looks like there is at least some power for some systems.

– the ship that felt off, the AQS TOR, IMO 9896957, is happily floating around and tugs are on the way to catch it.

This sound like a happy ending is near.


Follow up: Salvors Rescue Eemslift Hendrika in Last-Ditch Effort Off Norway – gCaptain

I was wondering about the vessel that came off, so long as the hull/superstructure was intact, she looks pretty sturdy, and, let’s face it, it’s a difficult thing to lose when it’s afloat, and that colour!
Seems that the green workboat has been recovered, and the Hendricka is safely in port:

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