Watch this antkeeper deal with a major fire ant breach in his home

I am at the mercy of editors, who were alerted of my error after this post went live. I can’t edit live posts apparently.

My pet peeve is “sneak peak” btw.


Pretty inspired choice of music at 5:00

Ah, needs more @beschizza perhaps.

ETA - seems to have been fixed now. :slight_smile:

Look to your faces Simon Kress. Look to your faces.

There used to be a twitter bots named things like “StealthyMountain” that would automatically respond to sightings of “Sneak peak” with “You meant sneak peek”.

I’ve found several, all of which seem to be dead and dismantled. They must not have been stealthy enough.

Welp! Yeah I doubt keeping exotic ants as pets is legal here in New Zealand for instance. Though cats are everywhere and usually allowed to hunt outdoors so really who knows.

There was one of these that actually got me to change. The bot pinged anyone who posted the phrase “car accident” or variants and suggested using “crash” instead. That made a lot of political sense and is more value-neutral.

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