Watch this atheist get kicked off live Egypt TV show


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“You are in Egypt and you are addressing simple people, so don’t use big words for no reason.”

Credit where credit is due, that’s an honest characterisation of the kind of audience who’d share the host’s sputtering outrage over Hashem denying the existence of an Invisible Bearded Sky Man™ Formless Entity.

[Joke term edited to satisfy the pedants]


Isn’t being an atheist illegal in Egypt?


Funny that much of the religious US thinks that the host is speaking complete nonsense about Allah being the one true god, and yet I could see this pearl-clutching outraged ‘conversation’ happening on some overtly evangelical talk radio show in the deep south.

The atheist’s argument doesn’t change, only the name of the deity they argue against.


Yeah, it’s really not noticeably different from Fox News.


He looks like he was brought on specifically for the purpose of being thrown off.


I tend to be amused by theists that try and make atheists devil worshipers or what-not. “You’re just angry at God!” No, and I’m not angry at the tooth fairy or the Loch Ness Monster, either. I simply don’t find the existence of God(s) to be a useful proposition.


So not much different than how atheists are treated anywhere else then.


Muslims absolutely do not believe in an Invisible Bearded Sky Man. That’s Christians and Jews. Islam is straight up explicit that Allah has no worldly form.

Perhaps be less in a hurry to parade your ignorance in the guise of anti-religious sentiments. And I say this as a life-long atheist.


Muhammad, what an asshole!


I use it as my generic trademarked joke term for all forms of God, but fair enough: switch that to an “Invisible Formless Entity.” Which amounts to the same non-existent thing that simple people who don’t understand big words are more prone to believe in.


Invisible bearded sky man sounds about right then.


Well thank goodness our talk show hosts never shout down and insult their guests!


If I understand correctly, “Allah” is simply the Arabic for “God”, and is used by Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews as well as Muslims.


It can certainly whip up a group of angry folks who’ll throw rocks at you till you’re dead.

At least that’s what the manual says to do to atheists. That and the sword. Quite a few times. Although it does say if you threaten to kill atheists and they convert out of fear, that’s good enough to let them live. Allah doesn’t seem very picky about sincerity.


In Egypt it’s YHWH or the highway :smiley:


Looks like Fox News should give this a study, very interesting technique to close down an argument you don’t have a defense against…


A lot of times, when I’m feeling especially cynical and uncharitable, I imagine that the real reason American evangelicals seem so put out by Muslims is … simple envy.

You know, as in, how come they get to have a theocracy and we don’t?

Of course, I mostly think of “faith” in that context as a way for them to justify their own irrational fears and petty hatreds to themselves. “It’s not that I think gay people are gross, you see, it’s GOD who thinks that. And, really, who am I to argue with God?”

I’ve had more than one “Christian” chide me for, for instance, arguing against Trump’s idiotic “Muslim ban” by pointing out that “they” would like nothing more than to “throw you off a building.”

So, like, I should be grateful that you only want me in prison or a mental hospital getting “cured,” and not dead?

This has turned into a rambling rant, but now I’m done.


“We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.”
-Richard Dawkins, only quote of his I use


I read somewhere, (can’t be arsed to look for a link), a study finding that non-religious folks tended to be more knowledgeable about the religions of the zealots than the zealots were.