Watch this bizarre Komputer Tutor supercut of the phrase "floppy diskette"


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I’m baffled, what’s on top of her head?



Semantic satiation… so that’s what that’s called. We used to play that game as kids where we’d say each other’s names until the names became detached from the person; once devoid of context the name would kind of become idiotic and absurd sounding.


That’s a forehead ferret. Both women and men wore them back in the '80s, as was the style at the time. Kim is sporting a particularly nice example. Notice the luxurious brushed tail hanging stylishly over her right shoulder.


been there:

…done that!


Made my diskette floppy, for one.


That video made me vaguely anxious. And a little self-conscious. Weird.


This is calling out for a dance remix.


Glad to know I wasn’t the only one!


Do you even 80’s, bro?


The best things always return. Skull-critters are making a comeback!


Wow, blast from the infomercial past. I had not idea she escaped the 90’s.


When my MIL could no longer use her computer to send emails (due to Dementia), she insisted she just needed a “computer class” and would not shut up about it.

So one day we sat her down with this really confusing Kim Komando tutorial
(edited of course to be even more confusing)
and after that we never heard a word from her about needing to take “computer classes”!

Thanks Kim Komando!


She’s now self-proclaimed as “America’s Digital Goddess.” Having defeated the…uh…floppy scourge, she’s presumably moved on to more sophisticated Goddess-oriented tech specialties.


The 1990s


Remember Autotune the News?


Never heard them referred to as Diskettes. And she changes between disk and diskette so much.


I was thinking it needs more sax and drums…


Diskette was the first name for these. It’s written on the 3M 8" floppy boxes I have at home.