Watch this breathtaking video of a flight down the world's tallest waterfall

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Water slide of hell!


I presume the chopper is there to ferry the drone pilot around. Spectacular footage! I wonder what it would look like with vr goggles.


It’s such amazing footage but the random cuts and inability to let a shot “breathe” just seemed so unnecessary. I would really start to enjoy it then bam - another cut. Still, I love it, but it would be great to see more than five seconds in a row of a shot.


Fantastic and vomit inducing.


Watch this breathtaking video of a flight down the world’s tallest waterfall

You could def add the word ‘drone’ in front of ‘flight’ for a more authentic title.


This! Film makers have no confidence that their images are compelling and fear short attention spans. They should have more faith in their images and in the audience.


Explaining the name change, Chávez was reported to have said, “This is ours, long before Angel ever arrived there … this is indigenous land.” However, he later said that he would not decree the change of name, but only was defending the use of Kerepakupai Vená.

I guess even Venezuela has something like a tourism lobby.


Too many fast cuts after a second or two of an image. Rapid fire kinetic editing like this gives me a headache like I’m watching a Marvel movie.


I was actually impressed by how long he let some shots go, considering the norm today. My expectations have been lowered quite a bit, and I cut him some slack for the fantastic footage.
I’m guessing he uses more than just a GoPro for a camera?

He also used the typical Glass-derived bombastic soundtrack music, another requirement for these types of videos.


I would love to see the Tepuis in Venezuela but the screwy political bullshit lets that out. I love the story about how Jimmy Angel was so amazed by the falls that he crash landed his plane on top the tepui to get a better look. Apparently he was a rowdy hell raiser and a helluva good pilot. Allegedly the remains of his plane are still up there someplace.

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Thankfully, we were spared jump cuts, although the poetic irony would have made it excusable.

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