Watch this creepy 1973 PSA about water saftey

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That would explain why it seemed clear enough to me, though still heavy. A lot of the older Irish people who still have the accent in the Cleveland area are from that region.

I think that ad has done more to amuse stoners in the intervening years than it ever did to stop anyone.


Bloody hell, I can remember all of those PSA ads from when I was growing up! They tie in with the creepiness of a few children’s TV series, like early Dr Who and Children Of The Stones, which, set in Avebury, is nowhere near as weird on a bright, hot July afternoon sat outside the pub with a pint and a packet of crisps like I was yesterday.
It was also pleasantly free of hoards of ersatz hippies, neo-pagans and pseudo-Druids banging bloody drums.


The philosophy of the Dr Who production team in the 1970s seems to have been, “If the little bastards aren’t shitting themselves by bedtime, we’ve not done our job properly.”

Also: Chocky.


If the coming EMERGENCY is expected, the following warning siren will sound in your home…


Network Rail are trying to keep the tradition going:

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Is that where that comes from?? Things finally make sense.

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