Watch this darn alligator snatch a young boy's fish


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It’s JAWS ; all over again !


In the voice of Robert De Niro…“You come into my neighborhood and try to steal my lunch?!”


We’re gonna need a bigger dock.


I’m reminded of that scene in Dark Age (1987); at least it didn’t snatch the boy.


So the gator took the bait and the kid doesn’t reel him in?


I had something like that happen once. I was fishing with my granddad and we had a bunch of smallmouth bass strung up on our stringer and then when we went to pull them up and go home, a huge water moccasin snake was attached to the last fish. My granddad just unhooked the stringer and threw the whole thing into the lake, fish, snake and all.


In this allegory, if the fish represents the election, then the alligator would represent what exactly? Anyone?


Putin, duh.


Smart granddad, can always catch more fish, cool grandkids aren’t so common.


Gonna need a heavier test line for gator, kiddo.



Always beware the secondary predator. It’s a relatively common thing in fishing: you hook up on the target species, and in comes the bigger predator to take it away from you. From big pike in Canada to bull sharks in Florida, it’s the same story. Best bet is to have someone fish for the predator and keep it busy while the rest of the team catches the target species. Also, it teaches the big predator that sometimes, the easy prey has a string attached…

Edits: 1. That’s a really nice redfish the kid is fighting. Worth getting excited about.2. There is a 1,000 lb hammerhead shark that hangs out near the 7-mile and Bahia Honda bridges in the Florida Keys that likes to pick off tarpon when an angler is fighting one.You have to respect a predator that makes a living eating 150 lb tarpon off of a hook and line.


Pelicans and Great Blue Herons will move in on caught fish, too. I’ve unhooked a foul-hooked pelican caught on someone else’s line (those are big birds), and seen a heron stab its pointy bill right through a fish and flip it into the air.


Up north it’s bluefish, and occasionally seals. Kids here grow up fishing for juvenile bluefish (snappers) with very light tackle, and having daddy hit it while reeling in is pretty common. Blues have jaws that piranha would be jealous of, so the line is typically cut very quickly, or you reel in half a snapper.


Something tells me Connor is going to reel faster next time.


Not Connor’s fault, where was the adult with a net?


the adult put this on the net


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