Watch this delightful deep dive into the wonderful world of hinges

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Oh, these are fun. If you have done handy things all your life, you have probably met most of the bits, but it is like listening to a well-liked piece of music again: you may know what’s going to happen but it’s… CENTERING DRILL WHAT WITCHCRAFT IS THIS??

… recently I revealed a certain anomaly with the washing machine…
can you guess what…


…centering drill

that’s a bit height-heck

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Yeah. It is obvious what it is and how it works. I have just never met one until just then. Well, well, well, I could have used that on some jobs. When I retire, and replace my kitchen with hand-made units, I shall get one.

That was just wonderful.

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Spot welding with BARE HANDS?! (10:30 mark) I’ve never welded in my life but this looks dangerous and potentially painful…

If you can find an outlet but it would seem you might have to ask where to get it

There are self-centering spring-loaded punches as well.


If you have an automatic punch (one of those you press and it goes ‘whack’) then you can make the spot single-handed. If you haven’t used one, then this may sound a bit unnecessary, but if you are trying to hold two objects in the right relative position to mark a hole between them, this is a great help: you can get the point just where you want it and then push. I haven’t got one of those, so I often mark the point with a pencil (which also works one-handed) and then drill the pilot hole.

I feel there is less point in this. However, as with all tools, if you are doing the same job then exactly the right tool makes all the difference.

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