Watch this dizzying montage of Fox hypocrites on Operation FDA Warp Speed Approval

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I long ago gave up on expecting consistency and integrity from the death cultists at Faux.


Horse/Animal laxative sales are booming! There’s that…


From the pictures, they need to stop selling Botox in horse-sized portions at livestock stores.


This article is insulting and demeaning! It is horrible!

How dare you compare fine, upstanding, hard working, exceptionally talented people like big top circus clowns to the wretched scum at Fox News?

Clowns are a beloved art form with centuries of tradition, they have been spreading mirth to adults and children alike; showing us humor in dark times. To compare them with those propagandists who spread hate and misery is just wrong.

(And yes, I am somewhat using humor, but it is a honest point: clowns are awesome, fox news sucks. it is mean to compare the two. And I hate that it’s become a meme that clowns are scary instead of fun. Clowns are fun, they make people happy!)


Roger That!


The cultists actually believe that regardless of the action or outcome, Trump can do no wrong and Biden can do no right.



I’m so tired of these assholes…


I for one applaud the ability to change ones mind in the face of new information, except in this case the new information is that it helps Biden rather than Trump.


Seriously! I hate this modern oh-so-edgy attitude that clowns are scary. They’re not, you have just listened to one too many assholes who think it somehow makes them cool to not like innocent fun. Yes, they seem like they’re from another time but that is only because you people have done your darnedest to make them irrelevant, to ruin their livelihoods.


You could do another super-cut of conservatives talking about how the vaccine isn’t safe because the FDA hasn’t approved it with the same people, now that it’s been approved, suggesting the FDA makes bad decisions and can’t be trusted. The justification for not getting vaccinated is an ever shifting series of goalposts. Anti-vaccine tribalism makes people feel good, ironically helping them deal with pandemic anxiety.

The thing about Fox is that inconsistency is their brand. They always do this - and the Daily Show found its purpose in pointing out just how blatantly they do it more than 20 years ago, when Stewart joined. Fox is an endless fount of hypocrisy, purposefully. In between that and making factually incorrect, obviously dumb arguments (e.g. Tucker Carlson), it’s part of Fox’s strategy to give their audience permission to adopt whatever position feels good to them at the moment, to not concern themselves with facts or rational argument, to revel in bullshit, all to “own the libs.”


They’re completely unmoored from even pretending to be consistent. Whatever the talking point of the day – or even the hour – is, that’s all the truth there ever was, is, or will be. Until the next moment. The self-awareness of a gnat.


Is it hypocrisy if it’s propaganda?


Which shrivels fastest as you work at Fox News? Your brain, your heart… ?
Or is a condition of employment that you can start work pre-shriveled?

I hear Pfizer makes a certain little blue pill for that circumstance. :carrot: :pill: :eggplant:


The ringmaster runs the circus, but only with the consent of the clowns.

Fox bobbleheads don’t have that option with the Murdocks.


In my (admiitedly limited and purely anecdotal) experience, most people who honestly do find clowns scary were exposed to Walt Disney’s Dumbo at a very early and impressionable age.
(The clowns in Dumbo *are* pretty skerry, IMO.)

(One acquaintance recounts it was the first movie he ever saw. At age four, with no previous experience of what a “movie” was. He says it was his earliest psychedelic awakening.)

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Looks like the clowns at Fox News did it again.

What a bunch of clowns.

There was a time I didn’t appreciate clowns, probably because my grandfather had one of those “sad clown” paintings.

Then I got into theater, and my perspective changed. It takes talent and hard work to be a clown, which is essentially pantomime humor at a distance. While all their gags may not be side splittingl-y funny, they are usually very entertaining once you appreciate the art form and the constraints they work under.

Also, a lot of good ren-fest shows are just clowns in “medieval” garb.