Watch this dune buggy climb a nearly vertical hill

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Damn! Screw that Range Rover Dragon Race nonsense.


Most will likely take a tumble back down the hill.

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The technique is pretty interesting to watch. Low traction driving is an art in itself, but rock and dune crawling are something else entirely. I can make a car dance like a ballerina in the snow, and I’ve done my share of “spirited” mountain driving, but I’m not real sure about all this vertical stuff. From the vantage point of the video, the technique is very simple, but it’s a bit like watching a sports game on TV and wondering why some player didn’t do one thing or another when it was “so obvious.” Obvious to you from your televised panopticon viewpoint–those don’t have the benefit of seeing the entire game from a bird’s-eye view. It’s the same with motorsports, a lot of things look really simple from the perspective of a spectator because they aren’t stuck behind the wheel with the limited field of vision, g-forces, probably fairly extreme discomfort, and gallons of adrenaline.

That being said, given the opportunity to try, I’d be on that in a heartbeat.


It would be doubly entertaining if there was a surprise cliff on the other side, too.

Also, Bruce Brown’s classic off-road film featured some great hill climbing scenes.

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What language was that guy yelling in?

WOW! That was awesome!

Farsi? Arabic?

Icelandic. Offroad hill-climb racing is a national pastime.

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I believe Spider-Man once had a car that could do that.

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That would be scary as hell to be a passenger in that vehicle.

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