Watch this extremely skillful truck driver back into tight spot

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You could say he was between a truck and a hard place


That was impressive. Every time I see a big rig trying to work through busy city traffic I’m reminded of how I could never do their job. I would be a nervous wreck. A big thumbs up to the men and women who drive trucks in this country! Thank you for transporting our stuff!


My office is next to the loading dock in my building, so I get to see this regularly (but not from above). The FedEx freight driver is able to fit into a space with 2 inches between the truck and the stuff on each side.

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I haul a trailer a lot, and I’m familiar with the process described, but now I have drone envy. Every big rig should have a roof-mounted drone to provide an aerial view of crowded lots they’re trying to manuever in!


How is the drone steering? Is someone else piloting it? I’m assuming the drive is not. Is it geolocated to his position to just hover above? Presumably he’s not going to be filming from above at highway speeds…

Pretty cool! But I have questions. :slight_smile:

Don’t we all? :wink:


Perhaps ithis guy the truck driver

Take that, Google!

That guy knows what he’s doing. :slight_smile:

Both sad and exciting that all/most of these guys will be out of a job in what…10 years?

I may or may not have worked as an illegal alien in a shady moving company many years ago. They once may or may not have made me drive an articulated truck; I may or may not have taken out a few side view mirrors on parked cars that day.


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