Watch the strange sight of a truck dragging a car that somehow got pinned underneath it

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One of my aunties and her hubby got punted off the motorway by an articulated lorry, and went bouncing down the embankment; ending up on their roof. Fortunately, they were not badly hurt. Hopefully, when self-driving trucks, with 360 degree vision finally make it on to the roads; this kind of terrifying event will end.


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Ah, I see my father-in-law is on his way home.


That’s one way to save a little on gas I suppose!


I can’t imagine the guy didn’t feel the car hitting it - or the fact that the truck is now dragging all that extra weight and probably pulling to one side.


That doesn’t look like an “enthusiastic wave” to me, more of a “oh, shit, maybe I can get that person’s attention and have them help stop the truck” wave. More overwhelmed and confused than enthusiastic.


Not waving, but drowning?


Not even looking in the rear-view mirror, I bet!


All that is past is prologue ploughed through.


Please (please) cut back on the pain porn. There’s a theme here, and it’s pain. :frowning:


I guess that this might be wonderful for someone :thinking: I mean, there is a kink for everything. I can see how this might trigger a JG Ballard “Crash” style of situation. Maybe, for some, this is like being ground under the heel of Lady Dimitrescu. But, yeah, I’m looking for some more mainstream wonderful things.

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Lombard, not even once.

I drove a rig. They are made to pull up to 80,000 pounds and that car is just a fraction of that so as far as noticing extra weight you generally wouldn’t even realize unless maybe you were going uphill or trying to stop and even then that fraction of a difference might only be noticeable if you were almost empty to begin with. Looks like the car had a low front end and slid under it like a doorstop which would probably not have a huge impact (and the trailer is separate from the cab so if the trucker felt it at all may have thought it was a pothole). My guess would be the car was coming from an on ramp going fast and didn’t account for the truck in the right lane when they tried to merge, and if the highway curved to the left at the intersection then the trucker wouldn’t have been able to see what it was in the mirror given the angle. As far as dragging the car although you’re supposed to peak at your mirrors somewhat frequently to help maintain awareness of whats around you if you’re staying in your lane on the highway there isn’t much practical use of looking unless you are expecting to change lanes.

So my opinion is it’s plausible the truck driver could drag the car like you saw while being completely unaware of it without something weird going on with them (like drugs, road rage, etc.).


so… did not wait for it to blow

I’ve had car drivers tell me that it makes sense not to ride bicycles on roads because cars are so much larger and heavier, it’s just not safe. I’ve replied that since semi trucks use roads, aren’t car drivers facing the same situation?


You don’t think the extra friction would be making it pull to one side?

Also, I forgot I should have posted this song:

Supply chain problems exemplified.

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