Bad driver gets his due when he runs into a truck

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Right up there with the greats.


The down side is the truck got damaged even though the truck driver didn’t do anything wrong. I always think the best bad driver accidents are the ones where only the driver’s vehicle is affected.

I don’t know if this is true but I heard about a UPS driver whose truck was hit. The police determined that the UPS driver was not at fault, but when she called in to report the accident her supervisor said, “Once you’ve finished your deliveries you’re fired.” I find it hard to believe UPS fires drivers that casually.

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While wholly unrelated to the accident itself (and it may just be the angle), the truck appears to be over the lane-dividing line. Maybe nobody can drive.

“Well I’ll show you: I’m just never going to deliver this last package.”


The single best driver I’ve ever known worked delivery for Fed-Ex.

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Hard to say for sure, but what it looks like is that truck may have had to stop just as it was finishing the process of changing lanes, and simply didn’t have enough room for the rear trailer (it appears to be a dual-trailer) to fully make it over to that lane. Hell, the fact that the trailer wasn’t fully into the lane meant that the idiot driver hit less of the truck than they would have otherwise.


Just what is it about getting behind the wheel of a car that turns everyone (except us) into impatient arseholes?


“Oh my godfather” is my new favorite exclamation. For now.


UPS drivers (At least in the US) are heavily unionised and seem to do well out of it.


I always found that part of BTTF odd… Who loves manure?

Yes, their soft-swearing was quite something.


I wouldn’t say they cut off the dash cam car, their signal blinks 4 times before they move into the lane. That’s more on the driver for not noticing it and moving too fast coming up to a stop. Now if they had just been trying to merge 1 lane, that’s all fine and good, but cutting across 2 lanes to get around the truck and hitting it, that’s poor driving.


“What an absolute tool.”

five stars, would recommend. fast shipping.


Farmers and flies, for a start.


boring video is boring

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The Alicia Keys soundtrack is not spicing it up enough for you? :smile:

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Falcon drivers.

I knew a guy years ago who trained UPS (job) and fire truck drivers (volunteer). UPS’s philosophy boiled down to “every accident is avoidable”. Hit while stopped at a light? Your fault for either not planning an escape route while waiting at the light or not seeing him coming so you could escape. Harsh? Sure. But also incredibly effective at turning people into really good safe drivers. There are very few unavoidable accidents.

Would make you want to reply: Actually. How about you fire me now. I’ll leave the keys in the ignition. The truck is at . You might want to hurry.