Watch this freediver find a crystal-clear spring under Florida swamp gunk

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The “slime” he’s griping about here looks suspiciously like duckweed, which isn’t really slimy at all.

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Stunningly awesome.

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There are several springs in this river I have been down a couple time. One is a large “hole” with clear, really fucking cold water.

When I was little I had a really hard time accepting the concept of water under the ground. Still kinda wierds me out, honestly.

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I logged in to say this.
Lemna minor, common duckweed, is not slimy, and it is not swamp gunk any more than Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) or water lilies (Nymphaea) are.
Just smaller and its roots aren’t attached to the ground.

I had another thought.
That is some very cool looking camo neoprene. I would not want to be wearing it.
While the pattern has no effect on a rusty spool of barbed wire nor on a gator, it may make it more difficult for your dive buddy to see where exactly you are struggling.

But now I sound all negative. I enjoyed the video, the sinkhole is like a secret garden I would love to spend time in.

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Ugh, I created a login to reply, and I will be negative. Most of this guy’s footage is shot from an elaborate ramp and stair system leading to one of the most well-known cave diving locations in central Florida. You can spot edges of it in sweeping views.

You’d have to be blind to not stumble upon it, and the state park holding it, which has an entry fee, a changing room, rest rooms, and big signs warning of the dangers of diving caves irresponsibly. The park is even named after a well-known cave diver.

And now I’m “that guy”, because someone was wrong on the internet. But I’m okay with that, because this guy’s a sham. And that for sure is duckweed. You find it in the folds of your dive gear months of diving later.


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