Watch this funny mashup of Pixar's ‘Cars’ with ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

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Kind of read it as “Gary Numan’s Cars” at first. What a loverly pairing! Here you go.

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Machine guns playing perfect sixteenth notes - I love it! I assume that’s in the original trailer.

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The gearbox for Segway is tuned to make musically related frequencies, or so I heard and remembered.

Maybe there’s time for high-end weapon designers to go the same route.

Edit: Thought: Electronically synchronized weapons platforms that shoot in a shared rhytm, in a style of percussion music. Tuned gears and tone-matching speeds are a bonus. Could make a new genre of music, along the lines of industrial.

Also, what about an even funnier mashup, in real-life? Rebuilding some cars along the movie way, perhaps with a more practical designs? Along the ways how “technicals” are improvised in war zones?

Eh, it’s been done,

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On convetional instruments. With just some lousy cannons for percussion.

What I thought about is a much higher proportion, up to 100%, of instruments being the weapons.

One could plausibly argue about the weapon-of-mass-destruction capabilities and Geneva-convention ramification of brass bands, but I explicitly don’t mean those.

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Melody roads!

As for Mad Maxing everyday cars because why not, good news! It’s begun.

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