Watch this gentleman open a 65-year-old sleeping bag in a can


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That looked suspiciously like blood stained on it.


Came expecting a giant key, was not disappointed. Still, it would be a little hard to fit in your bug-out bag, like one of these:


I was half expecting a canned ham to plop out.


Somewhere, in a secret warehouse, are the matching cans of dehydrated soldiers.



Only on Trisolaris.


Hang on, that white powder that he was shaking out of the bag…


I was thinking “did he quietly cut himself?” but he does call out rust…


Probably rust.


Now I’m honestly curious about the DoD program behind this! Surely this went through many stages of approval, design, testing and so on.

EDIT: gurgle and ye shall find:


This seems an easy way to cause cut injuries to your soldiers due sharp edges. Look at the effort he makes to remove it. What is the logic of the can? Save room for transport?

By the way Survival water? Why not some amazing raw water?


Seemed like he found the key unusual. Doesn’t spam still use the key type opening? My guess is the powder was some sort of preservative. Would be careful, the things we thought were safe back then could give you some pretty horrible diseases.


Back then safety was more be careful than covering everything sharp or pointy. Safety training was your mom pointing out that your cousin only had one eye because he was fooling around with a pointy stick.


Worked for State Farm a lifetime ago. The folks with the Fire Company (who would roll out when hurricanes hit) were proud of their Budweiser water cans. I understand the federal government paid for that packaging.



Now picturing an immense factory staffed by dough golems. Like the Pillsbury dough boy, but bigger.


I’m suddenly craving some Libby’s corned beef.


Don’t worry, it’s only a bit of asbestos


didn’t he find it was dusty after he was rolling around on the ground in it? hmmm

still, a fun wideo : )