Watch this insane video of burning bourbon turn into a fire tornado


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That’s not a firenado–it’s a god straw.


I guess this one’s technically about lightning, but man what a clickbait shitstorm is these days.


Clearly the LORD is displeased, because he likes him some Jim Beam.



  • 1 large glass jar/bottle with associated metal cap or lid
  • Large fire (campfire works well enough)
  • gasoline
  • nail
  • hammer

Fill jar/bottle with gasoline (the word “gasoline” should be spoken in the same dialect as Imperator Furiosa) leaving 1 inch of air at the top of the bottle.
Punch small-to-medium sized hole in the cap/lid with the nail, and then attach the cap/lid securely on the bottle.
Place bottle directly in fire and stand back a touch.

Yes, you’re wringing your hands at the thought of placing a full bottle of go-juice right into a fire. Yes, doing it correctly will result in a fiery column of ‘gezoline’ spouting maybe 5-10 feet in the air, depending on the size of the bottle and the hole in the lid. No, you should never do this because you won’t do it right and kittens and be-sweatered lambs will die by the droves if you do.


Or pleased at receiving a suitable sacrifice. Don’t be a Cain giving him all vegetables and shit!


“But … the rum!”


There’s no way an omniscient being would prefer Jim Beam over one of the copious better choices of bourbon


Jim Beam owns some good brands like Basil Hayden’s and even Laphroaig. But as long as the lightening struck the actual Jim beam floor of the warehouse…or, better still, took out that Knob Creek Smoked Maple abomination…go nature!

And hope no one was hurt in the cleansing.


I’m fine with Jim Beam existing for Jim Beam drinkers. But the Knob Creek Smoked Maple pisses me off, because Knob Creek is pretty good stuff! I got tricked into ordering it once (they didn’t have any regular Knob Creek) and I was so disappointed.




Yeah, that sounds good. Here’s my ID.


“Don’t you know there ain’t no devil, there’s just God when he’s drunk.” —Tom Waits


Would a Mickey’s bottle work pretty well for this?


Same thing happened to me. I admit to being a bit of a whiskey snob, but Knob Creek Rye is indeed pretty good and even their 9 year 100 proof has legs. I’d drink it more if there weren’t better alternatives available at equal or cheaper prices, but at least most bars and restaurants stock it. Getting duped into the Smoked Maple was a nasty surprise.


Ain’t that the truth? I like Crown. But Crown Maple? I spilled a couple of drops on my desk and it reeked of maple for weeks. Never again.

(And drinking it wasn’t what it should have been.)


As far as I’m concerned, it’s basically 90 proof Log Cabin syrup since any barrel taste is smothered. It doesn’t even have the decency to taste like the good maple syrup you can only get in Canada :angry:


Super weird to see my hometown on BoingBoing!


The only way I’d see mine would be if it was on fire in an interesting way, too (though that’s a possibility, seeing as they appear to be serious about doing in-situ gasification of Wearmouth pit. That’s a fucking big mine).


When the omniscient being is already smashed off His Holy Rocker, He prefereth anything He damn well pleases.