Watch this insightful look at Radiohead's "Daydreaming" video

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OK, I didn’t watch the “theory” video, just the original music video, which is either a reminder to buy the best mattress you can or an homage to The Doors

Well, I’m impressed. The theory video actually makes the music video interesting! I found it pretty hard to get through and not much of a fan of the song, but not everything they do has to be for me so that’s fine. (They totally lost me on most of the numerology stuff though. Except for the 9 figures and 23 doors I don’t put much faith that the rest of the number stuff was intentional.)

Also, on seeing the post about Radiohead I thought “Who the heck is that old guy in the thumbnail? Oh… oh… darn it, when did I get so old?!”

ETA: What am I, crazy? On a second listen I’m totally digging this song. Same for just about every other Radiohead song I’ve ever liked.


Room 237 called– they want their crackpot numerology back.


I can’t tell anymore, is this satire?


yeah, the numerology stuff is iffy*, and i started out skeptical, but by the end of the of the video i think i’m a believer. thom yorke is one smart, thinking cookie, and i can see how LOTS of this stuff might have been intentional, like he was processing and working out everything in his head. the repetition of numbers and their ties to his history is too strong to be ignored, for instance.

*why is it 2 TIMES 3? my basic understanding of numerology was that it was 2 PLUS 3, etc.

Agreed with this.

@ 4:37, if the number 6 is the motherhood number then why weren’t there 6 mothers sat down? The whole female thing is tenuous at best and the comment regarding ‘when there isn’t a woman present’ beggars beleif. Oh look, I’m a single white male and I can look around and see a pciture of a woman on a CD cover (PJ Harvey to be precise) - I guess there’s something in that (not).
8 pictures on the side of the staircase - why not 6? It would have been easier to have arranged than the 6 cup(?) holder on the wall. The more I watch, the more I’m actually mildly angry that this drivel exists - it’ll be suggested that Astrology is real next.
The parallels to previous videos are interesting but I do wonder if the narrator has never recalled a dream and how this might actually represent the stages in his life (seems a much better idea to me).

Whilst this is clever, this is more a testament to the fact that the guy is in love with PTA’s Magnolia (hell, even the voice over is mimicking the opening dialogue) I suggest that there’s more of PTA’s influence than TY’s in the original video.

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