Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone," new music video


seriously, fuck pawnstars and all that - as if dylan we’re amused… how DOES it feel to sell out a message? pretty lame from my viewpoint

It’s a cute concept. But it comes across as an ad for the network rather than a video for the song, and frankly I’d rather just watch Dylan. Or, if you must do something intercut, I’d rather watch a bunch of completely random non-entities lipsynch it; that would put the emphasis on the fact that the song has become ingrained in our culture, rather than implying that our culture has absorbed the song and made it meaningless.

The latter may be true, but man, it’s one hell of a downer theme for a video.

Didn’t succeed for me at being that either. YMMV.

I don’t know nothin’ about the fancy “interactive” side of this, but this video more than cheapens a great song and brings it down to an uncomfortably bad level

This is what interactive videographers think the song is all about?

I can’t imagine that Dylan would sign off on something as stupid and crass as this thing. An actress playing a TV chef mouthing the words to one of rock’s greatest songs? “Pawn Stars” people mouthing the words to one of rock’s greatest songs? JEEESH! - Phil Ochs would never have allowed one of his songs to be (excuse my French) defecated on like this. This video is a serious mistake…it’s akin to the rollout of the ObamaCare website

And no, this video is not irony or even that funny or “interactive”
and I sort of wish I’d never seen it. It leaves a sticky taste in my eyeballs

yeah, this isn’t interactive at all. But I kind of like that they’re able to convince everyone that it is.
Emperor with no clothes and all.

Whenever I see the word “interactive” I think of MacAddict Magazine CD-ROMs from the late 90s where you were able to “interact” with a 750kb Quicktime movie of some Mac nerd editor being all excited about Photoshop 4.0 - but I’ll take a MacAddict CD-ROM over this Dylan video any day!

Man, you guys are all cynics, yikes. It’s a pretty amazing video on the production value alone. It’s not “irony” you’re looking for, it’s context. Each video—a representation of our media culture—gives the song a different and sometimes new meaning. It’s a wholly different experience to watch Danny Brown in an old school style hip hop video synced to the song than it is from watching it juxtaposed with The Price is Right. The latter emphasizes the angry protest against greed and capitalism, and the former emphasizes the protagonist’s struggle to just get by in life. One makes the song a cutting commentary on capitalism’s mechanics, the other on what it does to people.

The same goes for the vapidness of some of the other channels versus the “news” angles. That’s not even mentioning how each video is also rife with homage, such as the guitar the Pawn Stars guys are selling, or the Danny Brown silhouette meant to evoke the infamous Dylan one.

Even if you don’t buy all that, it’s just cool to watch.


“Like a Rolling Stone” didn’t need an interactive video.

The song already contains imagery - more imagery than most songwriters will glimpse in a lifetime. It would have been barely cute if a video like this were promoted on a Kanye West or Miley Cyrus website - but to be showcased as some sort of grand re-imagined vision of Dylan’s song is just silly. It’ll be forgotten in 4 days.

All y’all so upset about this, you’re the same people who were angry that he want electric, aren’t you?

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Looking at all of Life with a critical eye is not always a sign of anger. For me, being hyper critical of some things is a kind of quality control and a way to keep well-meaning cultural crooks from co-opting my time with lousy Bob Dylan interactive videos.

If we as money-using consumers don’t watch out, the Dylan camp will be foisting Lady Gaga “Blonde On Blonde” disco re-mixes on us. Vigilance is its own reward!

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I liked it.

Hmm. Lady Gaga doing “Blonde on Blonde” disco re-mixes would probably go very well with my Tiny Tim album ‘Girl’ where he did “Hey, Jude” and an awesome lounge version of “Stairway to Heaven”.

I loved it! What a clever idea. I’m totally fascinated with this concept. I don’t have a TV because I dislike everything about television but imagine how cool it would be if whatever channel you turned to, people were singing the same iconic song. That might make TV worth watching!

Best of all, it’s made me rediscover a fantastic song that I haven’t thought of for ages. Thanks for posting this!

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I think this video is amazing, Bob Dylan was a sell out long before now and for the people upset it’s not interactive just click the change channel buttons.
Top comments on Reddit: (younger generation, original source)
“This just changed my life”
“It was the most surreal thing I’ve experienced. Like it was a dream or something.”
“wow, yeah, i’m blown away. this was totally ingenious! i thought it was a bad lip reading style mashup at first but then i realized the true depth. so sweet!”
“Yeah … like mid-way through my brain was upside down.”
"This is what drugs feel like. " Edit: punctuation

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Actually, I suspect that the people upset about this today would have been traditionalists who would have looked on Dylan as some sort of philistine back then… “What’s he whining? He’s not really a singer! You call that singing!? Bing Crosby wouldn’t be caught dead singing like that!”

I thought it was clever, but not enough to keep my interest for the duration of the song.

If only history or literature provided a figure who betrayed others on the level of which I feel myself to have been betrayed by Dylan with this video! I’d scream that person’s name in imprecation at Dylan, from the rooftops if need be! Hmmm, what about Deliiiilah! Wrong gender, darn. Maybe Beneeeedict Aaaaarnold! Too long, rats! Well, I’m sure I’ll think of something.

I like the concept but it seems like one of those projects where the guest appearances overtook the creative idea and the execution falls flat. I liked the idea of marrying up the song with the feeling of flipping channels. However, the way the lipsyncing was done was not very creative. For example, Drew Carey - why is he just standing there doing not much of anything? He’s a funny guy; maybe he could have moved around some. Most of the shots were fairly static. It seems like the creative thought was in the idea of, oh, we’ll get people to be on these shows mouthing the words, which is clever and I’m sure took a lot of work to set up, but then, there was not much thought put into the script for the individual channels. It felt unbaked to me.

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No. And if it was his decision to produce the video this way, I’d disagree with him but respect it.

As 'tis, I respect the concept though I consider it an artistic failure; I almost respect the programming (even on my fast machine, it paused audio during some transitions, which really should have been avoidable even if the video change had to be masked for a moment), and don’t at all respect the execution and specific content chosen.

Wow, that is magical. I’ve spent the past hour watching it now. Especially the floating-cat and little girl. I’ve been a Dylan fan for more than 30 years, and the sheer wonderful whimsy of this captures a lot of spirit of Dylan, to me. Especially considering all the odd characters that make appearances in his songs… it’s perfect. I think I’ll be watching this the rest of the day!

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