Watch this Jenga dog balance a treat on a straw on its head


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This is why cats will always be superior to dogs.


I dunno. The very quality of tractability and ease of training you seem to think makes dogs inferior also allows dogs to be put to actual practical uses besides the occasional bit of ratting that cats engage in.

After all, not many cats have ever herded livestock, detected explosives, dragged an unconscious human out of danger, or even just been a simple alarm system. I fail to see how dogs are somehow inferior for being able to those things in addition to everything else a cat does - including ratting and being cute. :wink:

But honestly, can’t we just get over the silly debate? Why does one animal need to be “better” than the other? Why can’t people just enjoy apples as apples and oranges as oranges?

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Kira can’t balance worth a damn, but:

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Good dog!


We’re not going to get over the debate any time soon because humans like when the world matches up to their expectations. Sometimes orangy apples or appley oranges fit the bill though.

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Pretty good dog, but as someone who once owned a bikkie-balancing dog I think the master is using something to link the upper biscuit to the straw, something attached to the biscuit that slips a bit into the straw. The illusion would have been better with a more opaque straw.

Cats have 22 pointy parts.

Dogs have 4…

Cats = 5 each forepaw + 4 each hindpaw + bite with 4 fangs.

Dogs = bite with 4 fangs.

I was more impressed with getting the straw in his mouth than the actual balancing.

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To a rat, a cat is basically a tarrasque.


I don’t think so, I just think the opening of the straw is a relatively large flat surface and the flat bottom of the treat makes it pretty easy to basically set it on top of the end of the straw. It falls off pretty quickly when the dog is done with the trick.

I suppose there’s no way to confirm, and my love of dogs hopes you’re right, but I doubt it. I’ve spent lots of time over the last 25 years balancing dog treats, they’re not uniform enough to make finding the centroid a triviality. Plus, if you look at the top 3/4" of the straw during the trick it is pretty obvious there’s something in there helping the treat stay centered.

I’m impressed! Good boy!


Oh come on comparing a cat to a dog is like comparing a dog to a cat right?

I like both for their strengths.

yes they do guard:

Question why did he climb the wall!? When he could have just walked around… Anyway.

Sometimes their curiosity gets then into a life of crime:

Sometimes, well, they are loyal:

some times…

Hey, that’s nothing. After that I learned to balance a siphon.

My guess is that there a bit of a hole in the underside of the bone that the straw goes into.

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