Watch this lab 3D print human skin equivalent


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Darkman had one of these things almost 30 years ago.



yeah but it kept melting.


That’s why you should always use manufacturer-approved filament.


From the video it looks like it would taste like gummy bears.



If this future technology had existed in the Nineteen-fifties, Ed Gein would have been a simple hobbyist, instead of a grave-robbing, murdering freak!


We’ve come a long way for the dystopian vision in the 80s…

But honestly the points the video makes are quite cool. Imagine no more animal testing for things like cosmetics.


3D printed lymph nodes would be nice.


3D printed lymph nodes that pixel censor you (at least to your friends) are a welcome comic tell. Hey don’t look now, but I think that amaranth had peanut oil in it…


You know what a lymph node is, right?
And how you usually lose some?


Put me down for a fist full of pancreases.


I doubt that waiting for a machine to finish creating his latest lampshade/skin suit would have captured his interest.

Like many other “hobbies”, the fun is in the finding.


I think the sewing was kind of an afterthought to the whole murder, cannibalism and necrophilia thing. I could be wrong here. :slight_smile:

  1. This is awesome! and;
  2. Step one towards realistic Terminators

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