Watch this legal expert break down the Matt Gaetz scandal

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Watching that I face palmed so may times, I bruised my face. Florida Man something something something…

And a huge WTF!


Legal Eagle is a great presenter.


Yeah but how come those hypocritical Democrats are calling for Hunter Biden to resign from congress, huh??


You’ve a good point there [snicker], but…


All of this just seems like a continuation of Florida Frat behavior, just escalated to government levels. SMDH.


Kudos to Mr. LegalEagle for using the phrase “raises the question” where too many people these days incorrectly use the phrase “begs the question.”


As I recall, Roger Stone had some connection to ending Eliot Spitzer’s political career, as he was friendly with the call girl Spitzer was seeing, and helped expose the affair.


Roger Stone’s connection with Spitzer

Stone had a motive to plant the story because he had been paid to embarrass the governor. First, former NY State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno hired Stone for $20,000/month to take on Spitzer. With Stone’s help, Bruno turned everyone’s attention away from his own corruption – using state aircraft and vehicles to go on personal fund-raising trips – and toward an attack on Spitzer for “spying” on Bruno. (The “spying” consisted of releasing public records of Bruno’s state-paid travel.)


Point of order: it’s incorrect if you’re writing a philosophy book. If you’re just speaking in normal contexts, it’s correct – language already did its thing. You may be cranky about it, but “begs the question” has acquired a second meaning in common parlance.


You know, I don’t think that sex work by adults should be illegal, but surely the attractiveness of women that you have paid to have sex with is nothing to brag about. It should be a source of embarrassment rather than picture sharing pride.

Common parlance is not legal parlance, and if you use that excuse in court, the judge won’t care at all. In this case, it’s a legal issue, so legal parlance is appropriate, and “whatever, I garble wibbly boo” because words mean whatever you want them to in the moment just doesn’t work.


Really, the attractiveness of the woman of choice shouldn’t even enter into why it’s wrong to share intimate photos with people outside the relationship.


Alleged alleged alleged. I’m not interested in hearing more alleged outrages and guilt by association. Someone nudge me when charges are filed.

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This is true! And that to be sure is one reason that Legal Eagle didn’t use the commonplace novel definition – because it’s a legal analysis channel. But with all due respect to @generic_name, they say:

without narrowing the assertion to any technical domain. It’s pretty clear that the assertion is about the use of the phrase in general and not in any specific technical context.

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“The BTQ Thong, printed with the mysterious BTQ Logo, is an intimate way to lead to in-bed conversation on the issues of BTQ abuse. A great way to gently correct that special someone.”


That “begs the question”, um I forgot what I was going to “begs the question” about.

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Dude, watch out for what you wish for with that crowd. Dead body and smoking gun is like getting old for them, they’re the kind of fools that will post the crime on social media with geo tags, yes I’m saying that "dumb as shit’ is their collective middle name.


Given that attractive prostitutes get to charge more (as far as I know) it could double as bragging about how much money you have. Indeed the presumed cost of the prostitute might be the main thing.

Looks like Matt Gaetz is gonna need a lawyer:

I hear Sidney Powell and Lin Wood and Alan “The Dersh” Dershowitz are available…

Can someone say “Dream Team”???

Anyone…?   No one…?   Okay, uh, I didn’t say “good lawyer”… And, it could be a bad dream…

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