Watch this lovebird craft new paper tailfeathers for herself


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That’s a maker bird!



“I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!”


According to teh Google lovebirds do this as a way of transporting nesting material.


Sounds plausible, as it would reduce the number of trips. Humans do much the same thing, piling things on their backs and shoulders, or bundling them under their arms.


I love the narrator’s voice.


Lovebirds are like little feathered typewriters…
They just gnaw off strips of paper for whatever nefarious nest purposes they entertain in their tiny little brains.

What? You’ve never heard of extensions?


That’s exactly what the bird is doing. We’ve three of the little darlings and no book (paperback or dust cover) is safe in a unmonitored room when they’re out. Or indeed when we’re paying attention.


It’s a famous example of an inherited behavior. If you live somewhere that Rosy-faced (a.k.a. Peach-faced) Lovebirds nest (southwestern Africa, Phoenix, Arizona), you can watch them chewing strips out of palm leaves, tucking them into their adorable blue butt feathers, and whisking them away to their tiny nest cavities.


watch this lovecraft bird

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I saw a 'possum carrying leaves using its prehensile tail. I assume this was nesting behavior.

My lovebird does this. I didn’t know she could get famous for it, though.

I used to have one of these as a pet. And yeah, it is cute when they use an old newspaper or old magazine. It is not so cute when they do it to any paper-like thing you like and/or need. (books, photos, homework, ect)

They’re also at times not the most forward thinking of birds, our peach face hen (Mildred) gets massively excited when a box is provided

“It’s a nest!! A nest I tell you!!! I shall fill it with nesting material and populate the world with lovebirds”

“I need nesting material… it’s a box!!! I can shred it to make nesting material to put inside the boxnest!!!”

Resulting in a her sitting in the box on nicely shredded cardboard staring up through the now missing roof.

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