Baby peacock shows off its tiny feathers for the first time


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Drew Peacock?




I wonder what lady peacocks do. Vogue?


Men who use goat milk-based lip balm.

Film at 11.

(Seriously, though - goat milk is for making delicious cheese.)


They roost.

& they’re called peahens.


I know something is wrong with me, but I can never separate peacock and male turkey displays from the sexual intent behind them.

As far as I understand, these displays are specifically to attract mates for … mating.

Seeing a young bird do it creeps me out.

As I said, I know something is wrong with my thought process, but it is what it is.


Girls with hairy armpit? Not my type.


I wonder if he eats chick peas.


Oh I know. Has anybody checked that predator’s ID? I saw him watching some hatchlings. Isn’t that illegal? And his macho posturing certainly isn’t helping his case.


I’ve never seen a peacock chick either; Hairy Farmpit (awesome name) Narrator is right, he’s so freaking cute!

And for this display to start so early shows how this must also function as a social/hierarchy/display order for peacocks.

But those feathers on his butt will be mutantly strong as well as long, and it’s interesting to see that there seems to be musculature? to support all that.

As birds grow in their feathers as pinfeathers, sometimes quite sore keratin-covered quills (the thin keratin layer flakes off and the feathers emerge), and those tail-feathers will have to be unusually strong, too. And growing out of his butt. Owie.

Most birds also have control over their feathers, and so can do things like raise them away from their body to trap hear, for instance, or make aggressive displays.

Beautiful plumage!!


Not quite yet - but then again it’s not stone dead, either.


So majestic!


When puberty hits … he’s like a teenage boy flaunting his first shadowy mustache wisps


My neighborhood has 20+ peafowl running around. A handful of peacocks and many peahens. It seems like there’s a new brood every couple years. Must be inbreeding. They roam around at dusk, eating scraps, then fly up into the trees to roost. They sometimes can all congregate on single house, hanging out on the roof, cars, front yard. Something like a Hitchcock movie :slight_smile:


Mein Gott, where do you live?


pubescent males! watch out chicks.


When my wife was growing up she had neighbors in the city who kept peafowl for many years. The birds’ calls were very loud, and sometimes sounded like babies being murdered.


A regular suburb in L.A. I’ve heard of a couple other neighborhoods here with peafowl. Not too unusual.


There are white peacocks too;