Peacock raises havoc in liquor store


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They are beautiful birds but can be really mean drunks.


Pedant says “Looks kind of drab, are we sure it’s not a peahen?”


…said most British men.


Pedant would be right! we live right next to the Prospect Park zoo, where both sexes run free and my 2yo pedant daughter can spot the difference well. Peafowl is the gender non-specific term, if it please the reader… :slight_smile:


He was probably looking for a bottle of Famous Grouse.


He probably thought prohibition was still active and so it was his duty to smash the bottles.


Maybe the reason he’s cranky is that people kept exploiting his generosity for free cocktails.


I know it’s an old joke, but that guy is indeed going to need a bigger net.


I see somebody took my previous advice and went for the liquor instead of the beer, but I kind of figured having opposable thumbs was an implicit part of the plan.


What’s riches to him
That has made a great peacock
With the pride of his eye?


“The animal control officer doesn’t know if he should use his net to catch the bird or the bottles of liquor falling off the counter.”

Always save the booze.


I think that liquor store trashing peacock might overshadow the Babadook as a lgbt icon by the end of pride month this year

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