Cop plays recorded peacock mating call to lure escaped zoo animal

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Reading the headline, I assumed the “escaped zoo animal” was something that ate peacocks.

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a peacock mating call lures a peacock?
either everyone involved in this story including the writer is unaware that peafowl are peahens and peacocks, or the peacock is gay, or possibly they got it all correct and the peacock was so lonesome he went for a call from a fellow peacock irrespective that it was a mating call.
in any event, it is a confusing write-up.


If the peacock did come out of the closet I think it would probably be one of those revelations that didn’t really shock anyone.


There is a peacock that roams the neighborhood my parents and sister live in. Not sure where it came from.

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Trapped by a copfishing scam. Someone write a moral panic article!

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Peacocks are dicks.

I volunteered at the Philly Zoo for a bit in college. Peacocks used to escape constantly and without fail a bunch of them would get into the Gorilla enclosure.

At which point they’d spend hours teasing the Gorillas and attempting to get at their food.

And that’s how I saw a Gorilla hit a Peacock with a cabbage.


I think it’s time for a reworking of How I Met Your Mother into How I Saw a Gorilla Hit a Peacock With a Cabbage.


I grew up with peafowl running all around our farm and the farm down the road. There were around 4 males and 10 females (yes, peacocks and peahens). The males are very territorial and aggressive with each other and will, indeed, respond to another male’s call. Think “them’s fightin’ words!” Hell, peacocks will even fight their own reflection! They would scratch a newly washed and waxed car if they caught a glimpse of themselves in the shine! Same for windows.
Yes, bubba peacock will definitely come around to fight off “that other guy” making all the noise!


Just don’t trap yourself into going with an ending that will piss people off by filming it at the beginning and having that make you think you’re stuck with it after the show has gone on long enough for the plot to get away from you and make the idea not work as well as when you first thought of it.

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Is that what happened? I only caught the show intermittently out of fondness for NPH, Segel, and Hannigan so I never really followed it closely. But I did catch the final episode and left very confused. All things considered, a gorilla and a peacock would’ve improved the finale immensely.

I can’t see any way that watching a five hundred pound Gorilla pitch a cabbage 50 feet into an obnoxious bird would fail to satisfy in the end.


I hope that gorilla won some kind of bet with its friends. They owe it whatever the gorilla equivalent of a round of beers would be.

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Saw a Canada goose do that the other day. It got all excited at its own reflection off a nicely waxed Ford pickup, head down and wings out.

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Seems to be a fairly common trait in male birds around mating. Had a little red-breasted flycatcher that would beat himself silly, bashing repeatedly into his reflection in the window to my printshop. He would retreat to the hibiscus bush, then - wham - round 2, 3, 4… Li’l birb was feisty!


It’s just the one peacock, actually.

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