Watch this marvelous mini golf marble machine

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From semi-random clicking I found that video 20 in the series seems to have a lot of footage of the thing actually at work, for those who thought the headline meant the embedded video would show that.


The mini-golf marble machine is just part of a much bigger, more elaborate contraption that’s been built over the past 3(?) years. See the embedded youtube video from a year ago … it has a rollercoaster section, a ski jump, a marble race, and scenes from San Francisco. So good. Just need a micro gyro stabilised camera the size of the marbles to film from their perspective !!!


Kept flipping back to the video playing in the background for the past 10 minutes to find out when I was going to be able to “watch the marvelous mini golf marble machine” as the title suggested.

The build details were very nice, true, and his voice was nice and soothing, but I’m still waiting for the money shot to make it “worth the wait.”

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This is not the marble machine but a camera on a lego train, at night, under water built by someone else. Strangely I’m enjoying the sound these contraptions make.

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