Watch this melodica player follow cosplayers while playing character's theme song

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There was a cringy delightfulness to how she got embarrassed whenever the subjects turned. This made my morning


I agree on the cringe factor, not on the delightfulness. I get that she may be a shy person by nature, but you are at a comiccon/cosplay event…you already know there will be a metric ton of people going in. You are playing theme music to cosplayers…it is going to attract attention. You are being recorded doing so, presumably by someone complicit in said act.

Maybe the first time you feel nervous…but get over it within a couple attempts. It became irritating.


Social anxiety isn’t something you can necessarily get over, it’s often something you live with 24-7, regardless of how irritating it may be to everyone else. Watching the video, I felt anxious every time the cosplayers would turn around, and I know that sounds ridiculous.


I thought her shyness was charming… she clearly wants to interact with cosplayers, but doesn’t seem to have the social skills, so this is her way of saying “hi,” and it seems fun and delightful without being too intrusive. Why such a shy person would then make a video of it, well, that’s the internet for you.

As a side note, I didn’t know who a lot of those characters were… also, it worked best with the Zelda stuff since a melodica sounds pretty much the same as the ocarina.


Exactly, IMHO. Also nice to see the surprise and happiness of the cosplayers.


I found her shyness to also be charming and playful. The running away when spotted is like acting coy but in an obvious manner “What? Me? Playing a theme song for your character? Neveeer”

Fun video and she’s very knowledgeable with theme songs :slight_smile:


That was great - I certainly hope that becomes a thing.


That was delightful. Hope she starts hanging out at movie theatres!


Hmmm . . .

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Can we get an ukulele version, too?

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“Wait, you hear that too? I thought it was non-diegetic.”

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Haven’t we suffered enough?

Oh, cool! Lillypichu does a bit of variety of things on her channels! If you’ve never heard it, her voice is AMAZING!

I wasn’t surprised there wasn’t much of a reaction from the Spirited Away folks. I LOVE that movie and couldn’t place the tune.

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How can one equate the soothing sounds of an exotic instrument that evokes visions of tropical paradises by its name alone with suffering?

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Its easier than you imagine. Were it that I was in charge of the nefarious Black Sites, I’d have kept ukulele players on staff as torturers.

ooh. Me too. For a nominal subscription fee, our company will be pleased to follow you around at the con of your choice with professional equal opportunity musical practitioners1 in order to optimize the embiggenment of your personal appearances.

1 May not be actual performers. We reserve the right to employ CDs, MP3s or any other musical simulacra.

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There’s at least one cosplayer that doesn’t recognize their own theme song. SAD.