Watch this mind-blowing spintop demonstration

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Who remembers Wizzers, from the 70s? The spin top that didn’t need a string.


I ruined many hardwood floors with my wizzers.

I remember playing with this (I think that it was my sister’s)

My friends and I just had battles – see which top would stay in the “bowl”.

Yeah, Wizzers came in a lot of different styles, which also made them collectable. And I do recall a battle arena, where they could fight it out, but I didn’t own one. Of course, there was also Battling Tops, but they were just cheap, little wooden spinning tops, whereas Wizzers are actually gyroscopes inside a plastic case.

I also recall that the Wizzer had a recessed hole in the top, for game accessories. I think they all came with a slotted extension, so that you could turn it upside down, and it could walk along a string. I used to stick a stubby pencil in the hole, and let it scribble on a pad of paper.


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