Watch this new ad for The Hyatt Hotel: A Paradise for Sedition

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Goose Stepping training? Oh boy, that really tickles the Nazi way down inside them.


SS-themed runes on the CPAC stage. How far we’ve fallen, given that this “seems about right.” The question is, how many Republicans will decide to just go “full Nazi” with their votes in 2022, and how many will actually move away from the party?


Here’s hoping for a rendition, possibly “Weird Al” Yankovic, of In the Fuehrer’s Face, (let’see `fuehr-er’ two syllables…): In the don-alds Face


Does anyone really believe the Hyatt cared about anything other than booking their space?


Sorry, Hyatt… you chose to host this event; you knew who you were dealing with. “Abhorrent” or not, you now own this.
Look at the bright side… changing the name from ‘Hyatt’ to ‘Hate’ is a relatively minor change in signage, so you might as well embrace your new reputation as the venue of choice for Fascists.

For union and liability reasons, as well as wanting to pocket every charge possible, hotels generally don’t let outside organizations put up their own stages. Hyatt would have installed that, to the specifications given by the CPAC committee.


I hadn’t seen a clear shot of the stage before.

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