Watch this new robot move so fast it becomes a blur


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I love that little robot. It’s so cute.


How much do you press, bro?


How do they accomplish such speed? All the electric motors I’ve ever seen required elephantine amounts of energy and copper to do the same.


the fact that the robot doesn’t also yell out “Muda! Muda! Muda! Muda!” is a failure of design.


Might be able to drive a speaker diaphragm.


Sex toy.[


Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep.


Gotta wonder about the parts’ fatigue life (at the flexible joints); that could be the greatest concern even at ‘slow’ speeds.


It’s the magic of scaling at work. Mass scales with volume, which scales as the cube of linear size. So a 1/10th scale model has 1/1000th the mass, and so it takes 1/1000th the force to give it the same acceleration. Plus, it’s making smaller motions, so the velocities (and accelerations) are smaller, in proportion to linear size, so a 1/10th scale robot making 1/10th scale motions at the same frequency (in Hz) needs 1/10,000th of the force. That gives you some room to crank up the frequency quite a bit.

Mind you, acceleration goes with the square of the frequency, so 75Hz requires 5625 times the force that 1HZ takes (at the same scale).


I was hoping it would spell out things with the light!


Calling it a robot is a bit of a stretch.


Uhhh… Maybe I would take the slow and steady vasectomy option, thanks.


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