Realistic 1:150 scale remote control car that drives

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but can he drift with it?


This is fantastic! The steering mechanism is super clever.


0.02 seconds of enjoyment before my cats pounce on it and send it careening under the refrigerator. :crying_cat_face:


It is!

@Tamsin_Bailey, as a base/skeleton for a radio-controlled Sculpey character!

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but can he drift with it?

Maybe on a slope in an icy road? It’s not got the greatest acceleration

Hmm, but that said… most RC cars talk about their “scaled speed.” When it’s on the breadboard, you can see that it’s 11 holes long. Breadboards have spacings of 0.1" (2.54mm, ugh), so it’s 27.94mm long. According to the Internet, the car’s 4895mm long, so it’s really a scale of 1:175.

When it’s driving, it’s on a grid that’s 40mm wide (this seems suspect, so numbers may be off 20%?)

It takes 33 frames (1s) from stop to travel 21mm (or 3.6m scaled). This doesn’t seem particularly speedy, but the time interval is quite small.

At the fastest I see it moving, it travels… .06mm (10mm scaled) per frame, or… 1km/hr?

Plotted another way, the car travels around 75% its length in one second, which results in around 10 kilometers/hr.

Soooo, yeah. I’m gonna go with no.

That is such a cool piece of work! I sure would be tempted to tweak the bodywork if I had one.
So much easier to control than my tiny drone and I’m very tempted to mod that. It’s that 3rd dimension and momentum that gets me every time…


not looking for speed, just some choku-dori

What an epic build! The scratch built wheels and bushings are sweet, and dead-bugging those micros with magnet wire is a great skill to see represented. Killer soundtrack too.

Sure! I just don’t think this has the torque to pull it off. But maybe on a glass plate. :slight_smile:

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