Watch this news anchor throw a tantrum about her colleague's outfit

“Sure, they weren’t live yet, but the Internet doesn’t care.”

So, not during a broadcast, but beforehand. When else is somebody supposed to catch this?


Nobody else? Huh, okay.


who dat?

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Mad Max Fury Road, the brides of Immortan Joe.

Their dresses started out a little whiter.


Bullshit. The video would have looked “better” if the one in the middle was wearing a different color. But Amber had to wear her white top for whatever reason and she couldn’t bully the guest, so fuck you flunky. You get the jacket.


There’s very little practical reason all three of them can’t be in white. Even from an aesthetic, production design, stand point there isn’t much there. From a framing stand point if you’ve got 3 people, and you don’t want them all in white, its the middle person (Sherlock) who should be in another color. If they were all in the same studio, in the same camera shot. And at least one of them (but not all three) had a much darker skin tone there might be a practical concern.

This is some one pulling rank over minutia. Pure and simple.


She now gets to have a “no shit Sherlock” moment with the bosses

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“Producers often wish that some presenters cared as much about the content as they do about the colour of their top.”

Yeah, well, that’s kind of universal.

i can’t believe nobody’s said “Christ, what an asshole” yet!


The word “tantrum” is not inherently sexist.

Trump throws tantrums. Bill O’Reilly throws tantrums. 3-year old kids of all genders throw tantrums.


TV is a visual medium, it’s reasonable for the anchor to care about the screen picture. I’d likely think it’s her responsibility to do so.

I was about to point you to another user’s post, regarding who is responsible for what in a television production when I realized this was a duplicate thread.

What the hell, let’s cross the streams:


I felt the idea that all of them wearing white was not a big deal, coming from some of those that worked in the industry was fairly rational, but carry whatever opinion you want.


You’re not in broadcast, are you?

I think you skipped some bits.

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Why can’t they all wear white?


“Your top is the same color as mine” is not a professional concern.

Of course, in many of our jobs wearing the same color as a colleague is a non-issue—and it SHOULD be a non-issue. But for women in media, the scrutiny is nearly unbelievable. Amber Sherlock (in the middle) is being painted as some kind of shallow diva, but as I see it, she is responding to the environment that surrounds her.

Remember, Australia is also where this nonsense went down: "Australian TV Anchor Wears Same Suit Every Day For A Year To Prove Sexism Is Going Strong"

To ignore the sexism inherent in the issue of women’s attire is simply naive.


She’s both.

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