Watch this news anchor throw a tantrum about her colleague's outfit


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or: “Watch as commenters complain about duplicative free ice cream…:”


I am super excited to not participate in this thread!


She did not “throw a tantrum.” She apparently communicated a professional concern to a colleague in a timely manner and was ignored. She offers to handle the problem (“I’ll call wardrobe”) and is rebuffed. She doesn’t use rude language or insult, while her colleague rolls her eyes and strings out the argument (“IF it’s an issue. . .”) pointlessly. Sherlock eventually finds a way for another worker to solve the problem. Sherlock is totally professional in my opinion. This is a ridiculous story.


Uh oh.

I am not looking forward to @beschizza’s reaction when he finds out that @pesco is posting the same stories he is.


perhaps he will be “disappointed” and in adding him to that list the meta-irony will create a wormhole into which we will all be sucked.


And yet, here you are.


So that’s what’s in the safe!


Place your bets!


I’m picturing a Wizard of Oz type tornado of a wormhole, but instead of witches and houses flying around, it’ll be bananas and knitted steampunk goggles.


Double vanilla!


Well, you know @pesco is simply going to have to put on a jacket. It’s hanging on the back of the door.


I feel like I would hate working with her.

But maybe my line of work isnt as demanding, I’m accustomed to a different decorum.


The woman on the right is the best – just wincing the whole time while the other argue.


like a fly to a turd


“Your top is the same color as mine” is not a professional concern.

Unless Aussies are prone to face blindness and wouldn’t otherwise be able to tell them apart. In which case I apologize to Aussies for my lack of sensitivity.


Nor is during a broadcast “a timely manner.”


Actually, I thought @ChickieD had an eminently sensible postion on why this was a professional concern:


That would be the guest psychologist.


I don’t have an opinion on any of this - I’m just back to say I love the wincing from the guest psychologist (thanks @Gyrofrog). She’s my new favorite Australian. My old favorite was Crocodile Dundee – it’s been awhile since I’ve had a new favorite Australian.