Wear a same-color outfit as Australian TV presenter Amber Sherlock at your peril

Picking up her mobile and saying “I’ll call wardrobe.” On live TV. What a pissy little drama queen.

As I recall, on ABC’s Nightline it became common practise to put any guest in a small interview booth whether they were at a remote location or were in the building. Ted Koppel rarely did at-desk interviews, so it was considered a matter of fairness and consistency that all guests would have the same experience.


As far as I can tell, this is leaked footage from before the segment went live.

Yeah, that makes sense. Also it allows the anchor to transition smoothly from topic to topic without having to have their guests silently back away from the table.


Even so, everyone in the control room and on the set can see her making the request and someone (a producer, a production assistant) can convey it to wardrobe. She didn’t need to whip out her phone.


Went to follow the link, realised just in time it was a Daily Heil story.

Got away with it this time, but I really must update my hosts file to direct www.dailymail.co.uk to


To be fair, her issue seems to be not that the other presenter is wearing similar clothes to her, but that all three of them are wearing white (or close to white), and it will look ridiculous (and to be fair, it does look a bit daft).

That does raise the question of why she can’t put on a jacket, rather than insisting the other presenter does.


As someone who has done a lot of production work, this is what video is like behind the scenes. As I tell people, the camera cannot see your beautiful soul. Video is all about optics. She was right. The video looked better with one of them in a jacket. It wasn’t about “you can’t wear white because I’m wearing white, too,” it was about getting a good shot.


Oh. You’re one of those couples.



Friends don’t link friends to Daily Mail articles…I should have checked before I clicked. Don’t want to give Lord Rothemere muh ad revenue!


This seems incredibly petty and somewhat mean spirited, confusing, and very odd.

Well, to those that feel this way, I say to you “Welcome to television! It’s like that here every day.”


Pure white is a poor choice for television anyway.


Yes, she should have gone with a shade of yellowish-brown, perhaps similar to the color of fossilized tree resin.


Yes and no. Shading can work on that woman on the left and make the blue happen. The woman in the center can go get her second blouse from her office or from wardrobe, because she better have a closet full of stuff at the office if she’s going to be there for eight hours and cover more than one show.

This is a power struggle borne out while the guest bites her lip and tries to look away.


This is how i read it as well. There is a “team” way to handle the situation, and the alpha dog chose to be demeaning.

As a side note, how did the entire crew get all the way to this point without anyone raising the issue yet? “Wardrobe is going to be furious”… well then where the hell is wardrobe?


I’m thinking green, so it will mess with a green-screen projection.


Usually somewhere down the hall. It’s technically just hair and makeup, most TV people just bring in their own wardrobe, check it on camera and then just store bits of it around their desk or their office.

But it’s generally only one or two people, maybe three at the most, who are in the makeup room in case anyone else needs to get ready, like one of the other standups or smaller studios with a backdrop or whatever. They’re literally off doing their jobs, not standing around waiting for Amber to issue decrees. The studio generally only has the floor manager (like the SM, telling people which camera to look into or call out times during commercials), the camera people, a sound person, and a lighting person if it’s a big studio.


Do you have matching fannie packs? is it an attempt to be ironic? I mean either way I think you’d probably elicit an eye roll from me. Complementing outfits as opposed to identical ones would be more interesting but yeah whatever you do you.

So it is the lead reporters job to ensure wardrobe is going to be happy?
Maybe the problem is that the center person is obviously pissed, and instead of owning it and handling like a teammate would, she tries to deflect the energy on to another party that isnt even there.

I think your reaction is exactly the kind of thing he finds interesting.


Awesome. Just…awesome. :smiley:

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Although well aware of the intent, this smacks of self-abuse.