Watch: This poor Amazon delivery person doesn't notice their truck sneaking away

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Poor guy!


didn’t take the extra second to put on the emergency brake

Eh, it’s a Ford Transit Connect. There’s every possibility the e-brake doesn’t work.


I shouldn’t laugh at this I shouldn’t laugh at this I shouldn’t laugh at this I shouldn’t laugh at this

But damn this is funny!

I hope the poor guy is okay I hope it’s truck is okay and I hope nobody got run over


These are the new autonomous trucks. It speeds deliveries cause drivers have to run after every stop and catch up.


I was thinking, when’s he come running by?

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That was beautiful comic timing. Of course, it helps it was a long shot; close-up, it would have been a tragedy.


WAAAY back when, there were milk men that did that intentionally. Leave the the hand throttle on so the truck would move at a slow walking pace and then shuttle back and forth between the truck with the milk and the empties. Having the capacity to do that was essential in selling them on using trucks instead of horses which knew the route well enough to do that.


The older model Amazon delivery truckvans don’t even have keys. I could totally see myself doing that.

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Exactly how Chuck Jones would have directed it. Driver goes out of frame…wait three beats…driver runs across frame after truck.


Needs Benny Hill music

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where I live the garbage trucks do that; they have a duplicate set of controls on the “passenger” side, set low so the operator can control them from the running board. That means they can’t see anything on the right side or approaching. They then will leave the truck slowly moving, run ahead to the next set of cans, let the truck catch up and repeat. Can’t believe they haven’t run over a kid on a bike yet

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Who says they haven’t? They are experts in disposal, after all…


must go to the toilet soon…

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